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To: Jacob Frey, Mayor of Minneapolis, MN

#TODOSMPLS: Minneapolis residents left behind need at least 3.5 to 5 million dollars!

As a community we ask Mayor Jacob Frey to take quick action to ensure undocumented, misclassified workers and unemployed residents of Minneapolis have access to financial resources they need to break through this time of national emergency due to the economic crisis caused by Covid-19.

This week, the state and the federal government approved legislative packages to address this crisis. In both versions, many people including, undocumented and mixed-status immigrant families as well as misclassified workers, were cut from receiving a single dollar – not eligible for state unemployment insurance and not eligible to receive a stimulus check. The 2 trillion dollar relief plan signed by President Trump excludes millions of workers, immigrants and their families from coverage for Covid-19 testing and treatment or economic assistance, even as many are on the front lines working to confront the pandemic in Minneapolis and across the country.

We believe the city of Minneapolis role is of life-changing magnitudes: we are asking the City of Minneapolis to allocate at least 3.5 to 5 million dollars in funds to equitably disburse emergency cash relief for the communities and families left behind.

Why is this important?

For this fund to reach the needed communities, it requires prioritization for those who have not been able to access federal and state social safety networks for any reason; as little bureaucracy as possible; and community-based outreach in partnership with community organizations. Our communities are clear: this is the time to be bold, brave and powerful together.

We are calling in Minneapolis to invest NOW in the community that represents the backbone of our local economies.
Minneapolis, MN, USA

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