To: President Obama and DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson

No Dapa? No Deportations.

President Obama, you have unused options to make immigration policy more humane. Declare a moratorium on deportations immediately.

Why is this important?

The Supreme Court just put approximately five million undocumented parents back at risk of deportation and continued the exclusion of those who wouldn’t have qualified.

Meanwhile, abusive immigration enforcement agents operate unchecked: raiding refugee families, brutalizing people near the border, and putting our loved ones into detention centers and deportation proceedings.

But the DACA and DAPA programs aren’t the President’s only option to protect migrant communities. As the executive branch, President Obama directs how and when enforcement resources are deployed. Under his administration, immigration enforcement agencies have expanded enormously but the undocumented people who would’ve received deferred action or who could someday benefit from legalization shouldn’t be subjected to their abuse.

While Republicans have been able to block reform and delay DAPA, they can’t control how the President uses his executive authority for the implementation of immigration enforcement. He can make sure that families and communities are kept together by declaring a moratorium on deportations immediately.

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  • Bet you miss the good old days of Obama. Can't wait until Trump ramps up deportations to double what Obama did. Hopefully more. People ILLEGALLY in this country deserver to be removed. #maga
  • I'm against deporting Hispanics that aren't causing problem, are contributing to society in a positive way & have families in the USA because the USA was built by immigrants. I know many hard working, kind, giving, wonderful Hispanics. There are plenty of Caucasian, Anglo Saxon, "White people" that aren't so wonderful, abuse welfare & have committed crimes. Yes secure the border, monitor from here on out who is entering our country but don't send good people back to a bad place.
  • For my mother


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Listen to Maru Mora Villalpando from NW Resistance on Public Radio this afternoon discussing the court decision:

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