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To: The City of Chicago and Chicago City Council; Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot

No New CPD Gang Database in Chicago, Stop Using Outdated Gang Database Now

The Chicago Police Department should stop to the use of the current gang database and comply with a full audit of CLEAR systems, which store the data. We also urge current and incoming City Council members to hold CPD accountable by calling for a public hearing on the database.

CPD should be instructed to immediately stop all gang designations until legislation is passed and put an immediate halt to access of the gang database by all 500 external agencies that have access to the information, including Chicago Public Schools and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

CPD should be instructed to stop the planning of a new gang database. There should be no new gang database. By creating a new database CPD is ignoring OIG recommendations and taking the power away from City Council to enact legislation and from community members to give input.

Why is this important?

The Chicago office of Inspector general published today a partial audit of the Chicago Gang Database, confirming the information that community organizations have been highlighting for years: That it mostly targets Black and Latinx people (at 95% of the list), that it shares information with over 500 agencies, and that instead of being a tool to make communities safer, it is used to criminalize, intimidate, and denigrate Chicagoans.

In response, the Chicago Police Department has stated that they will only comply with a partial list of the recommendations, by creating a new gang database that is supposed to follow the guidelines but ignoring any grievances of people for the current gang database, with plans of continuing to share the inaccurate data with over 500 agencies indefinitely.

For more information on the campaign to Erase the Gang Database, click:

Find full OIG report here in English and Spanish:

Chicago, IL, USA

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