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To: Berwyn Mayor Robert Lovero and Committeewoman Blanca Vargas

Vote for a real Democrat, not former "Strong Republican" Frank Aguilar!

This campaign has ended.

Why are Democrats considering voting for a former long-time "Strong Republican" to fill the vacant seat for Cook County Commissioner for 16th District?

Rizoma Collective urges voters to contact Mayor Lovero and Committeewoman Blanca Vargas and tell them not to support Frank Aguilar.

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Why is this important?

While Frank Aguilar's recent voting record shows that in 2018 he voted Democrat, that does not erase a voting record of over 14 years of being identified as a “Strong Republican” nor does it erase his ongoing support of Trump allies like Bill Conway, Tom Ricketts, and Dan Lipinski. We cannot allow our Democratic committee members to elect someone like Aguilar into office.

We are deeply concerned with Frank Aguilar's track record of supporting candidates for office whose interests do not align with the well-being and needs of our community.
Aguilar supports:
• Deep-pocket Trump donors, including Cubs owner Tom Ricketts, who has donated over $1M to support Donald Trump’s candidacy
• Dan Lipinski, former Illinois congressman who voted against the Dream Act and called Trump a “champion of immigration reform”
• Bill Conway, former candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney whose campaign was funded by Trump supporters and his billionaire father, cofounder of the Carlyle Group that profits off of war and immigrant detention

On April 15th, 8 Democratic committee members will be voting on a replacement for Jeff Tobolski, who recently resigned as 16th District Commissioner due to FBI investigations. The 16th District is comprised of Berwyn, Cicero, Franklin Park, Mc Cook, Hodgekins, Lyons, Summit, Countryside, La Grange Park, La Grange, Northlake, Westchester, Stone Park, Berkley, Broadview, Hillside, Melrose Park, Maywood, Brookfield, Riverside, North Riverside, Forest View, Stickney, and Chicago.

Berwyn and Cicero residents: These two committee members carry 42% of the voting power!
• Mayor Robert Lovero (Berwyn) with a 22% weighted vote
• Blanca Vargas (Cicero) with a 20% weighted vote

Help Stop Aguilar!
1. Sign and share the petition.
2. Then call Lovero and Vargas TODAY! Urge them to vote NO to Aguilar! Ensure they vote for the candidate that would best represent our community.

BERWYN Residents: Call Democratic committeeman Mayor Robert J. Lovero 708-484-8630
CICERO Residents: Call Democratic committeewoman Blanca Vargas 708-207-1704

¿Por qué demócratas votarían por un ex-republicano para ocupar un puesto vacante para el Comisionado del Condado de Cook de el Distrito 16?

Colectivo Rizoma urge a los votantes a contactar a Lovero y Vargas y decirles que no apoyen a Frank Aguilar.

Aunque el registro de votación de Frank Aguilar muestra que en 2018 votó demócrata, eso no borra un registro de votación de más de 14 años de ser identificado como un "Republicano fuerte" ni borra su apoyo a los aliados de Trump como Bill Conway, Tom Ricketts y Dan Lipinski. No podemos permitir que los miembros de nuestro comité demócrata elijan a alguien como Aguilar para el cargo.

Estamos profundamente preocupados por el historial de Frank Aguilar de apoyar a candidatos para cargos públicos cuyos intereses no se alinean con el bienestar y las necesidades de nuestra comunidad.
Aguilar apoya:
• Donantes de Trump, incluido el propietario de los Cachorros, Tom Ricketts, quien ha donado más de $ 1 millón para apoyar la candidatura de Donald Trump,
• Dan Lipinski, ex congresista de Illinois que votó en contra de la Ley Dream Act y llamó a Trump un "defensor de la reforma migratoria"
• Bill Conway , ex candidato a Fiscal del Estado del Condado de Cook, cuya campaña fue financiada por los partidarios de Trump y su padre multimillonario, cofundador del Grupo Carlyle que se beneficia de la guerra y la detención de inmigrantes. ¡

Ayuda a detener a Aguilar!
1. Firma y comparte la petición.
2. ¡Llama a Lovero y Vargas HOY! ¡Urgelos a NO votar por Aguilar! Asegúrese de que voten por el candidato que mejor represente a nuestra comunidad.

Residentes de BERWYN: Llame a Alcalde Robert J. Lovero 708-484-8630
Residentes de CICERO: Llame a Blanca Vargas 708-207-1704
Cook County, IL, USA

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Rizoma is disappointed that the county party committee appointed Frank Aguilar Jr. as commissioner, instead of heeding the calls of residents. As a long-time former Republican, Aguilar’s voting record and ongoing support of anti-immigrant conservatives demonstrate a political career that does not align with the well-being and needs of the majority-Latinx and immigrant populations in Berwyn and Cicero. We look forward to holding Frank Aguilar Jr. accountable the next two years of his service. Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign! La Lucha Sigue!

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