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To: ICE and Department of Homeland Security

Release hunger striking asylum-seekers from Northwest Detention Center

We call for the immediate parole of all the remaining Cuban asylum seekers currently housed at Northwest Detention Center, including those currently on hunger strike.

Why is this important?

Since June, the detention center in Tacoma has held up to 56 asylum seekers from Cuba who claimed asylum and passed credible fear tests at the US-Mexico border. ICE has the power to release these men and women. Instead they have stalled on their cases, promising parole to some and not granting it, promising bail to others and not granting it. Although about half have been released, the rest remain in detention with no information about the course their cases will take or how long they will remain in prison-like conditions. Since August, various Cuban detainees have been using hunger strikes to protest this situation. On September 26, seven Cuban asylum-seekers again started a hunger strike, saying that this is the only tool they have left to get ICE to respond or communicate about their cases. But these detained asylum-seekers should not have to endanger their own health and expose themselves to retaliation from GEO Group and ICE in order to make progress in their cases.

We urge you to support these hunger strikers by:
1) Please sign this petition.
2) Please also call the NWDC - 253-779-6000 Ext 1, then Ext. 4. Urge the officers there to immediately release the remaining two dozen Cuban asylum seekers on parole. Sample script:
"Hello, I am Maria and I am calling to demand the immediate parole and release of the Cuban asylum seekers who remain at Northwest Detention Center. They have been told by the immigration court that ICE has the power to parole them. They have provided all documents requested. Yet they are bein kept in punishing prison-like conditions without reason or explanation. Some have been told they would be released but were not given any more detail and they are still waiting. Please release these asylum-seekers immediately. "

Tacoma, WA, United States

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2017-09-29 00:34:55 -0400

Hi folks, let's keep the pressure and the support up because it is working. Right now folks inside think ther are only 14 left in the group still detained, and it looks like three more will be released tomorrow!

2017-09-28 09:43:26 -0400

25 signatures reached

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