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To: Immigration Judge Lippman

Release Tenant Organizer and Community Advocate Guillermo Contreras

Dear Judge Lippman,

We are writing to ask that Guillermo Contreras be granted bond and released from detention as soon as possible. Moreover, we ask that his immigration case be transferred to Chicago as he has been able to obtain legal representation there. Guillermo’s family depends on the funds he provides for them so his ability to work is crucial for their survival.

Why is this important?

Guillermo has been an active member of his community in Chicago for over two years. As a member of the Autonomous Tenants Union, he has helped many of his neighbors facing evictions or other housing problems. He has played a major role in protecting & empowering immigrant and working class people in the Albany Park neighborhood and city of Chicago as a whole. Guillermo’s social justice work has been all-volunteer, and is motivated by his passion for community. He is a trusted and loyal neighbor, colleague, and friend.

In addition to his volunteer community work, Guillermo worked hard to support his family, who depend on him for income. He had temporarily moved to Jacksonville to pursue a work opportunity, and since his detainment his primary concern has been the well being of his family.

Please sign this petition to demand his release on bond so he can leave detention as soon as possible.
Chicago, IL, USA

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