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To: Congress

Save the Cardona/Dunoyer family from deportation

To pass the House Bill HR 1490 in order to save the Cardona/Dunoyer family from deportation and allow them to remain in the U.S. The bill was introduced to Congress specifically for this family and remains pending as of today.

Why is this important?

For 17 years the Cardona/Dunoyer family have lived in the United States after fleeing from their home country due to threats from Columbian guerilla groups. As of March 2017, Consuelo Cardona, Roberto Dunoyer, along with their sons Pablo (age 19), and Camilo (age 16) became the beneficiaries of a private immigration bill, HR 1490. It remains pending as of today. The family has no criminal record. Camilo Dunoyer recently graduated high school and is attending community college in San Diego. Pablo Dunoyer is scheduled to graduate college with his Associate's Degree and has been accepted to the University of San Diego to continue his education. If they are deported they will lose everything that they have worked hard for and their lives will be at risk.



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