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To: Robert Guadian (Chicago Field Office Director)

Sign Now: Tell ICE Director to release Francisco!

Sign and share this petition to demand Robert Guadian (Chicago Field Office Director) grant immediate release of Francisco Roman Morales (A204 275 930).

Why is this important?

It’s hard to an estimate official number on how many queer and gender-nonconforming people ICE is currently detaining, but Francisco is one of them. He has been detained at Dodge Detention Center since October of 2018, far from his friends and the community that is fighting for his release.

In late March 2020, his attorneys filed a humanitarian parole request to the ICE field director asking for his release given the current COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, despite the community support, this request was denied.

Francisco remains detained by ICE although he has been granted relief twice by an immigration judge, he has now been detained for over a year and a half. In another attempt to gain his release, his attorneys have filed a habeas petition. We know Robert Guadian, ICE field office director, has the power to grant Francisco his release. We ask that you email the field office director and let him know that we support Francisco. We need Francisco released now!

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Chicago, IL, USA

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