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To: Alderman Raymond Lopez

Stop Targeting Abuelitas Selling Candy on the Street in Back of the Yards to Make the City Money

Find a different way to increase the city budget. Instead of targeting abuelitas, eloteros, and taqueros in your neighborhood, look into the $52 million dollars that Chicago taxpayers on payouts and litigation for police misconduct and stand against the spending of $92 million dollars in a new police academy.

Why is this important?

Alderman Raymond Lopez has suggested that the City of Chicago hire more police officers to enforce all the laws in the books, as a way to give out more tickets and increase the City budget.

Specifically, he has mentioned going after people selling elotes, candy or other items on the sidewalks; people who are playing loud music; and Taco makers who are trying to make ends meet by selling from home.

Meanwhile, the budget for police in Chicago makes up 40% of the entire city budget. In addition to that, just in 2016 City of Chicago taxpayers were responsible for covering $52 million on police misconduct payouts and litigation. And recently, Mayor Emanuel proposed a $95 million dollar police training academy.

It doesn't make sense to pay the City debts on the backs of our communities, especially when there is so much money being spent already on policing and criminalization.

You can read more about his stance here:, and on his facebook page, here:

#firelopez #defundthepolice #nocopacademy

Chicago, IL, United States

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