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To: Joel Colindrés

Bring Joel Colindres home! Deported on 1/31/18.

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Why is this important?

FAMILY MAN: Joel Colindrés, a Guatemalan born, 14 year resident of the US was set to be deported on August 17th, after receiving notice during a check in with ICE on 7/21/17, giving him just 28 to leave the country or fight his case. Despite years of efforts to obtain legal status and working diligently to become a Citizen, Colindres fell victim to bad representation in addition to a lengthy legal process drawn out by the immigration system.

If you followed his story closely since July of 2017, you may recall that just forty minutes before his flight on the deportation date of 8/17/17, his (new) lawyer was able to pause his removal by a verbal stay from the 2nd Circuit Court. Soon thereafter, his case was transferred to the 5th Circuit Court, causing him to loose that protection. Since then, he and his family have been laying low and keeping quiet while they wait for his I-212 to hopefully be approved; one of the last pieces to his journey that if granted, would make him a permanent resident.

Since getting the initial deportation date back in July, Joel has complied with all of ICE's requirements, including checking in with ICE two times a week. It was at this recent check in on Thursday, December 28th, 2017 that ICE decided that his time is up, again, despite not being finished with the process. It is their system that is saying his time is up but yet their system that is not ruling on the paperwork in a timely manner. They then issued him another deportation date, giving him and his family another 30 days to live the nightmare they were just in four months ago. All he and his family are requesting is time. Time to review his case and let the process continue.

Colindrés has been married to a U.S. citizen for almost eight years and has two American-born children, ages 6 and 3. Colindrés is a hardworking, tax-paying, and loving father and husband, who has worked at the same company for his 13 years here; paying taxes for each of those years via an TIN (Tax payer ID). He is not a criminal, doesn't even have so much as a parking ticket and gives back to the community in which he resides and owns a home in.
In the last years, Colindrés has checked in with immigration and was granted a stay of removal. He voluntary went into the immigration process and had been actively trying to become a US citizen. All he is requesting is more time to stay in the United States with his family while he waits for his paperwork to be processed.

We are asking ICE to reconsider Colindrés' case and keep this family together.

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