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To: Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC)

Stop the Deportation of Nigerien Opposition Activist

Demand that ICE Regional Director Sean Gallagher suspend the deportation order of Ali Marounfa, Niger opposition activist

Why is this important?

Ali Marounfa (also known as Ali Tera), was born in Niger, West Africa and has lived in the United States for the past thirty years. Ali, 58, has two teenage daughters who are US citizens. A political activist with the Moden Fa Lumana part and the past president of the Niger Association in North Carolina who has publicly denounced corruption in the governing administration, he has been held in Stewart Detention Center in Georgia since June 2017, reportedly detained at the request of the government of President Mahamadou Issoufou, who currently hosts US military bases in Niger. He is not a criminal or a terrorist. Ali has been ordered deported by April 4, 2019.

In addition to cruelly separating his family to pay back a Trump foreign policy ally, Ali's family fears his deportation would result in his imprisonment and torture. According to Amnesty International, other members of Moden Fa Lumana have received prison terms for criticizing the government on social media:

Sen. Tillis has intervened to demand that ICE support other political activists like Liu Xia of China ( He should act now to stop this politically motivated family separation.
Greensboro, NC, USA

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