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To: Angie Sandoval for Cook County

Take Down Anti-Immigrant Ad Against Alma Anaya's Cook County Candidacy

Stop running a political ad that attacks Alma Anaya's immigrant story, stating that she is "not from here." The advertisement is anti-immigrant and creates divides in our community.

Why is this important?

Two Latinas are running for the 7th Cook County Commissioner seat in Chicago, which Chuy Garcia will be leaving at the end of the term. Alma Anaya, one of the candidates, has been open with her story of growing up undocumented and homeless and finding her way through with community support. As the March primaries approach, the campaign supporting Angie Sandoval began to air an advertisement that attacks Alma, with one of the points being that "she is not from here."

As pointed out by a recent Chicago Tribune article on the story, "Sandoval’s campaign rhetoric could be reflected in future policy that will not have the interests of immigrant families in mind." The article points to Sandoval father who did not support Cicero's Sanctuary City Policy, the "Welcoming City Ordinance, in November 2017, which would have further prohibited Cicero Police from cooperating with immigration agents.

Whoever takes the Cook County seat would hold an important position in maintaining our county as a Sanctuary, and keeping immigrants safe form ICE, despite pressure from DHS.
Chicago, IL, USA

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