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To: BlackRock

Tell Blackrock to divest from the deportation machine!

BlackRock, the world’s largest investor, talks a big game on sustainability. Over the past few years, it has upped its rhetoric, saying that companies must have a social purpose.

But BlackRock is financing companies like Palantir that help the Trump administration’s war on migrants -- resulting in families being torn apart, kids caged in camps, and raids that terrorize entire communities.

Why is this important?

Over the past few years, BlackRock has increased the public attention it gives to sustainability, climate change, and ethical investment principles. However, BlackRock’s direct investment in Palantir betrays such principles. BlackRock is a direct investor in Palantir -- a data analytics company that provides technology to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to help identify, track, and target immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers for detention and deportation. BlackRock’s financing of Palantir and similar companies enables the Trump Administration’s ongoing war against immigrants -- particularly Black and Brown communities -- and potentially facilitates gross human rights violations.

It's up to you to hold BlackRock accountable.




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