To: Mayor Robert E. Clark

Tell Mayor Clark to Support the Separation of Monroe Police and ICE

Tell our mayor to show public support for the protection of undocumented immigrants in Monroe by issuing a statement supporting (1) the full and complete separation of Monroe Police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement and (2) immigrants' right to due process under the US constitution.

Why is this important?

In the wake of the current political climate, it is critical that we uphold the constitution. By law, the police are not required to provide information to Immigration and Customs Enforcement regardless of the severity and/or nature of the police's involvement. Keeping these two agencies separate helps keep immigrants in Monroe County safe and ensures they receive due process as required under the US constitution. A statement on this matter is both warranted by the residents of Monroe County, and justified by law, as local police departments are not required to inform ICE of documentation status, and ICE cannot detain any person on US soil without due process.
Monroe, MI, United States

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