To: Mayor Hector Lora

Tell Mayor Hector Lora to Defy Trump, Defend Passaic, & Expand Sanctuary

Tell Mayor Hector Lora to Defy Trump, Defend Passaic, & Expand Sanctuary

We call on the Mayor, City Council, and other municipal leaders to:

1. Establish and communicate a clear policy where public funds from the community will not be used to enforce Federal Immigration law.

2. Establish strong anti-discrimination policies and privacy safeguards to protect vulnerable residents.

3. Establish a stakeholder taskforce to monitor anti-discrimination efforts and federal actions that threaten our communities

4. Adopt protocols for U-Visa certification by local law enforcement, and create a Municipal ID program.

5. Offer legal representation and citizenship services.

Why is this important?

Every day, migrants fleeing structural violence and poverty travel to North America in search of a better future. They come with valuable skills and contribute to the cultural and economic growth of these cities. Passaic NJ, is one of the many towns whose economy thrives based on its migrant population. With 71% of its residents having a Hispanic background, and 40% born outside of the US, Passaic reflects the diversity of New Jersey, and is particularly affected by anti-immigrant federal policies.

We demand a safe town for the thousands of hardworking and honest immigrants and refugees that have made of Passaic their home. We cannot allow federal policy driven by hatred and fear-mongering to harm our neighbors and turn us away from our core values. Immigrant rights are human rights. Cities such as Boston, New York City, Newark, Maplewood, East Orange, Jersey City and many other nation-wide have recognized the important contributions their immigrant populations have made to the prosperity of their region and are taking a stand. We ask local leaders, including the Mayor, Police Chief, and City Council,to add Passaic to the growing list of municipalities who acknowledge the benefits and contribution of migrant people and are standing up human rights.

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Passaic, NJ, United States

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