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To: Mayor James Kenney

Tell Mayor Kenney to Defy Trump, Defend Philly & Make Us a Real Sanctuary City

Tell Mayor Kenney and our city council to stand up to Trump and take action that both keeps our local police separate from ICE AND transforms our Philadelphia's policies to address the unjust criminal system that uses black and brown bodies to fill up jails through "broken window" policing policies, a racist cash bail system and the overuse of ankle monitors.

Why is this important?

Donald Trump just announced executive action on immigration and has threatened to not just defund cities that have policies that separate police and ICE but to also grow the deportation machine to round up, detain and deport our loved ones everywhere.

We have worked hard over the years to build with our community, our city and our elected officials to create a Philadelphia we all want to live in. And it has been the work to defend black lives and to support and defend immigrants rights that will continue to make us stronger, not over policing and enforcement priorities built by Trump's racist ideologies.

In the attempt to define ourselves as a city that protects its citizens from racist policies and rhetoric we need to build the actual "Sanctuary City" we all deserve. What does this look like? It means making a commitment to keep our police separate from ICE
addressing the unjust criminal system that uses black and brown bodies to fill up jails through "broken window" policing policies, like "Stop and Frisk."

Please tell Mayor Kenney and our local elected officials to take action to defend all of us at this time, all of the citizens of Philadelphia, regardless of immigration status from the grips of the deportation machine and the unjust criminal system. Trump's dictator style threats should have us showing the rest of the country that we will not sit by and abandon progress, especially not now.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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