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To: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Tell Mayor Lightfoot To Sign Executive Order to Protect Chicagoans Before Trump's Raids Start

Mayor Lightfoot has the executive power to sign an executive order drafted by the Immigration Working Group after Trump's first threat of raids and sent to the Mayor's office on June 29, 2019.

What does Immigration Working Group's Executive Order do? 

1. Instructs all officers of the Chicago Police Department to deny requests
by US immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to support or assist in any capacity with raids. 

2. Ensures no CPD officer can transfer any person into ICE custody, unless presented with a valid and properly issued warrant 

3. CPD shall not permit the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), ICE, or any other agency within DHS to have direct access to any electronic database or other data-sharing platform maintained by the CPD.

Why is this important?

Two top officials in DHS confirmed the agency will carry out raids targeting over 2,000 families in 10 major cities including Chicago. Community groups believe the Mayor can do more to protect those under attack by the Trump administration's aggressive immigration enforcement policies.

On June 29, 2019, the Lightfoot administration received a copy of an Executive Order (EO) drafted by community groups responding to raids and deportations across the city on a daily basis. With the threat of massive enforcement operations targeting families due on Sunday, the Immigration Working group asked the administration to sign the EO as soon as possible and asked for an answer from the Mayor's office by July 11.

ANY Executive Order or action by the Mayor that does not include the key points of the community's Executive Order will not be enough to protect our families from this threat. While the Mayor has stated publicly that she ended ICE's access to the city's databases, the Executive Order addresses other loopholes ICE and DHS agents can use to carry out raids in Chicago.

Call the Mayor's office, leave a message asking her to sign the Executive Order to end Police-ICE collaboration in Chicago now.


Hi, my name is ___ and I am calling to demand that Mayor Lightfoot honors her commitment to protect Chicagoans from ICE raids by implementing the Immigration Working Group’s draft Executive Order sent to her office June 28, 2019. With the threat of raids starting this Sunday, we ask the Mayor to sign the order that would ensure the Chicago Police Department is not assisting ICE in any way to carry out these raids. The Executive Order would also ensure that DHS agents and ICE agents do not have access to the city’s databases.

Mayor’s Office, City of Chicago: (312) 744-3300

Chicago, IL, USA

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