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To: El Paso ICE Community Relations Officer Brian Van Dyke

Trans Woman Asylum Seeker Has Been Re-detained!

Trans Woman Asylum Seeker Has Been Re-detained!

Nicole Garcia Aguilar was recently released from ICE detention and went in to the ICE office today to get her paperwork only to be re-detained. We call on ICE to immediately release Nicole from custody!
URGENT: We're asking supporters to sign + share the petition and CALL ICE!
CALL: 915-494-6177 or 915-856-5595, ICE Community Relations Officer Brian Van Dyke
SCRIPT: "I'm calling to demand the immediate release of Nicole Garcia Aguilar A#206 003 752. She is an asylum seeker who was already released and is fighting her case with support from community."

Why is this important?

Nicole Garcia Aguilar is a trans woman who fled Honduras after surviving a violent attack and death threats. Despite being granted asylum in the U.S., ICE detained her unlawfully and placed her in solitary confinement for months. Coverage by the Associated Press and the Guardian:


Reasons for signing

  • Talk about unconstitutional! Hopefully they release her soon. I will be calling ICE.
  • this how those who are born are treated- like refugees in their own country
  • This is ridiculous. She won her asylum. Release her.


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