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To: ICE Director Sarah Saldaña

This Two Year Old Has Been Held in Three Different Detention Centers, Sign to Free Her and Her Mom

This Two Year Old Has Been Held in Three Different Detention Centers, Sign to Free Her and Her Mom

Immediately stop the deportation of domestic violence survivor Sarai (name changed to protect her identity) and her two year-old daughter and release them to pursue their immigration claims outside of detention!

Why is this important?

Sarai (name changed to protect her identity) fled to the United States with her 2 year old daughter after more than 13 years of severe domestic violence in Honduras. The family was initially detained in Dilley Family Detention Center and was then transferred to Berks Detention Center in Leesport, Pennsylvania where they have been detained for months. The family has a pending appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals and the daughter has a pending application for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status. Despite DHS Secretary Johnson’s claim that they are not deporting families with pending relief, ICE attempted to deport Sarai and her daughter on Thursday evening. Sarai bravely resisted, fearing that her life would be at stake if returned. The following day, ICE tricked Sarai and told her that her attorneys had requested to see her, yet they took the family and flew them to San Antonio.

Sarai and her daughter arrived at Karnes Family Detention Center at 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 15th. This is the third detention center for this mother and young child in the past 4 months. The family’s attorneys were not notified prior to the transfer and for hours were completely unaware of where this family had been taken. Since arriving in Karnes, Sarai’s daughter has not received any treatment for her anemia.

This family could be deported at any moment! They have multiple forms of immigration relief pending, yet ICE seems to be doing everything in their power to remove this family against their will and hinder their ability to effectively communicate with their attorneys. We demand the deportation be stopped immediately and this family be released so they can pursue their immigration claims outside of detention.


Reasons for signing

  • While a story of one child and mom - they are not unique. DACA and The Dream Act have the great likelihood of instant dismantling under Trump, - throwing thousands into an ugly abyss. NO! NO! NO! NO! We must continue to be a country of acceptance of all, built on the strength of all who come here seeking a batter way of life and who contribute to the richness of what this country has become.
  • We should not be locking up moms and babies who come to the U.S. fleeing violence and seeking asylum.
  • No logro comprender leyes en las que este de por medio afectar a menores sin importar la edad y familias completas con el tremendo trauma que esto genera en sus vidas.


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