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To: Representative Gerry Connolly, Senator Tim Kaine, Senator Mark Warner, Democratic Party of Virginia

Virginia Members of Congress: #CheckYourComplicity

Fairfax County based migrant rights organizations have kicked off the #CheckYourComplicity campaign. Join us! We demand:

-An end to all ties between Virginia elected officials and ICE and CBP contractors, including political contributions, working relationships, and any other relationship sustaining the roles of these profiteers
-An immediate investigation into ICE and CBP profiteers, including MVM Inc., General Dynamics, Amazon, and their roles in the abuses against migrants, raids, and other violence against migrant families and communities
-The defunding of ICE and CBP, as a first step to work toward an immigration system that prioritizes and sustains family and community unity, along with the right to remain in one’s chosen community
-The redirection of campaign funds received from the aforementioned profiteers to community groups focused on the liberation of black, brown, and migrant communities

Why is this important?

While the Trump regime has continued to expand its violence against migrants at the border and in detention camps across the country, including the “zero tolerance” policy and family separation, Virginia elected officials have continued to receive political contributions from the same ICE contractors and collaborators enacting Trump’s agenda. MVM, Inc., founded by Dario Marquez Jr., is and has been a loyal political contributor to Representative Gerry Connolly (D-VA 11th District), Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, and the Democratic Party of Virginia, as well as to other establishment entities working to elect Democratic candidates in Virginia. In addition to MVM Inc., member of Congress Gerry Connolly has also received thousands in contributions from General Dynamics, another ICE contractor, and Amazon, which has been described as the “backbone behind ICE’s immigration crackdown” by providing technological infrastructure to ICE through its collaboration with Palantir.
Virginia, USA

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