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To: Phoenix City Council

We Demand an Independent Investigation of the Phoenix Police Riot!

Thousands of people convened in Downtown Phoenix to protest Trump's visit to Arizona on Tuesday, August 23rd, calling out his hateful, racist and intolerant rhetoric.
The day went without major incidents of violence, dissent was voiced, people gathered around elders, some prayed, and others confronted the president's rally attendees with chants and signs.
At around 8:45-9pm, the Phoenix Police Department started a riot, putting on masks, started shooting gas canisters at people, others shooting rubber bullets and using force on individuals who were confused, angry and surprised by what was happening without warnings or signals.
For those of us there, it was evident that the response was excessive, without warning, and that there was no consideration for the presence of children, elders and people in wheelchairs.
We demand that the Phoenix City Council opens an independent investigation of what happened that night, including who made decisions to attack protestors, why there wasn't any warning, what prompted the excessive use of force, and a detail report on protocol, decision-making and occurrences of the evening, including those hurt, medically treated and arrested. We demand that the results of the investigation are released to residents of Phoenix, and that the team of investigators includes community representation from volunteer organizations present at the Herberger Theater.

Why is this important?

The militarization of police departments is dangerous to communities of color and vulnerable populations.
Dissent should not be punished, it's our right to voice our opinions and demand justice. We cannot continue to be harassed by white supremacists who leave the premises protected, and be targeted by white supremacist institutions like the Phoenix Police Department for calling out the very system that tear gasses, tackles, shoots us, and takes our lives.
The residents of Phoenix have elected a City Council to be more reflected of the communities that live in this City. We need you to stand with us, to represent our concerns, and to stop the criminalization of dissent in our city.

Phoenix, AZ, United States

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