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To: Nathalie Asher, Seattle ICE Field Office Director

Follow the DHS Guidelines & Release Israel Arrascue

It is clear that the new guidelines enacted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) last week are not being followed by the Seattle ICE Field Office.

Israel Arrascue has been detained in the Northwest Detention Center for two years, and in that time he has been a leader with our partners at La Resistencia. He has suffered both physical and mental health crises because of neglect and inhumane treatment - including contracting COVID-19 with nearly 300 others during an outbreak.

After submitting his case for relief and prosecutorial discretion, qualifying under the new DHS process, ICE denied his request without even reading his file.

Listen below to Lily*, Israel's family member, as she recounts what happened and what she's demanding.
*click CC for English captions

Why is this important?

Along with the video, Lily shared the following:

"We are asking for his immediate release. Please contact the ICE office in Seattle and ask for a full review of Israel's request for prosecutorial discretion. Israel's physical and mental state has deteriorated, he suffers from depression and extreme anxiety, asthma and other illnesses caused by the poor quality of life in detention, yet he continues to fight. Not only for himself, but also for all his fellow detainees.

Our daughter was unable to make a video because she suffers from severe depression since her father has been gone. Two years gone means that he has missed 2 of her birthdays, and this might be the 3rd Christmas away from family.

Our wish is for him to be home now, in time for Christmas."

If ICE continues to reject cases like Israel's, it will send the clear message to all that the new guidelines are merely for show, rather than real protections, and that ICE is refusing to comply with DHS protocol.

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Seattle, WA, USA

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