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To: Immigration Judge Rodger Harris

Free Cesar X

To release Cesar X on his own recognizance during his hearing on April 11.

Why is this important?

Cesar X is a young Guatemalan gay man who is currently in immigration detention in Virginia. The last 33 months of detention have only worsened his symptoms of PTSD and depression brought on by years of childhood trauma and being labor trafficked in the U.S.

La ColectiVA is supporting his fight to be released. Cesar X has a community that wants to welcome him and help him thrive after years of detention. Cesar X needs people to stand with him in fighting for his liberation!

On April 11 Cesar X has a hearing before Immigration Judge Rodger Harris. We want Cesar X to be released on his recognizance. Please sign this petition to support the release of Cesar X.

La ColectiVA is also raising money in case the Immigration Judge instead decides to release him on bond. For more information on his story or to donate, please go to to donate. Any amount is appreciated!

La ColectiVA is a collaborative led by Latinx people in Northern Vriginia #FreeCesarX #LiberarCesarX
Virginia, United States

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