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To: ICE and GEO

Free Chidi!

Chidi is a father and the primary provider for his two small children and wife. Given this responsibility, he has been doing all he can to be released. Upon learning he qualified for bond, he borrowed $15k to set up a date for a hearing. During the hearing, the judge repeated that Chidi did qualify for a bond but could not rule because of “missing government information” on why he was there. Despite this, Chidi set up another hearing with the information provided; the judge again restated he was qualified but still denied him bond.

Upset but still determined to fight for bond, Chidi left to reevaluate his options. Given the intense stress his wife has been going through financially and emotionally, Chidi’s ICE deportation officer told him to submit supporting documents (e.g. letter) describing the situation with his family. As Chidi was waiting for information, ANOTHER ICE agent, whom he did not know, visited him. The other officer informed him that they received the documents but would not grant bond because they are going by the judge's decision.

As he was talking to this other officer, his real ICE deportation officer walked in. Chidi was now understandably confused as he asked how these two contradictory results were possible; his officer was also confused. Chidi then asked for the other officer’s name and badge to cite this interaction as proof and for future records. The officer then became aggressive. Chidi insisted on knowing that if this ruling was the case, then what was the reasoning behind the judge's decision? Again the officer refused to answer.

As Chidi insisted on further information, the officer sharply said he had nothing more to say to him. After asking the officer for his information one last time, the officer got up, banged on the door, and barked “Sit down N—.” The name of the ICE office is Scott Myer. Scott Myer then called the medical unit saying Chidi had “mental problems”, to avoid accountability.

Why is this important?

This act demonstrates the blatant racist biases in which the judge, ICE officer, and NWDC operate. To deny a human being bond DESPITE QUALIFYING, solely based on their skin COLOR. Not only that but stops an individual from any opportunity to see their family; a family who so desperately wants him and needs him back…

Sign this petition and contact the congressman David Kilmer, Senator Patty Murray, and ICE Field Director Sylvie A Renda. Tell them to #freechidi and #freethemall

Congressman Derek Kilmer
Phone: Washington, D.C. Office (202) 225-5916 Tacoma Office: Phone: (253) 272-3515

Senator Patty Murray
Phone: Washington D.C. Office: (202) 224-2621 Tacoma Office: (253) 572-3636
Twitter: @pattymurray

ICE Seattle Field Director Sylvie A Renda
Phone: (206) 802-7666 (206) 835-0650
Email: [email protected]


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