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To: ICE Director Homan

SIGN: Agents Just Detained a Trans woman at Court as She Sought a Protective Order from Her Abuser

Free Ms. Gonzalez and close her case

Why is this important?

Ms. Gonzalez is a transgender undocumented woman and victim of domestic violence.

When she left the domestic violence shelter to go to court, she was seeking protection from her abuser.

But moments after a judge gave her that protective order, ICE agents arrested her.

County Attorney Bernal believes that the deportation agents may have been led to Ms. Gonzalez by her abuser himself.

"I'm suspicious that the tip may have come from the abuser, who knew precisely where the victim would be at that time and date since he had received notice to be in that courtroom as well,' Bernal told KFOX.

Transgender women face higher rates of abuse in detention than anyone else. They experience 1 in 5 cases of sexual assault despite being an extremely small percentage of the detention population.

Ms. Gonzalez deserves the protection a judge granted her. Now we need to help protect her by getting her out of ICE custody.

Please sign and share.
El Paso, Texas, United States

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