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To: ICE Director Lucero

Get Madres Out of Detention, Free Sandra Orozco!

Get Madres Out of Detention, Free Sandra Orozco!

Sandra Orozco is a loving single mother of 4 children, a 10-year-old little girl, a high school senior and two young people in their early twenties. She was detained for going 10 over -the -speed -limit by police officers acting as ICE agents on her way home on November 2018, a couple of days before the family had made plans for the holidays. Since then she has been detained at Eloy Detention Center missing birthdays, graduations and major surgeries that her daughter Daisy had to go through alone.

Since she was detained life without their mother has been extremly overwhelming for her children. Now the children are all living in separate households with family friends. Through all the despair and trauma of being separated from their mother, they continue to work toward bringing their mom back home.

Why is this important?

Support this family and young people in their fight to bring all of them together again.

On May 22nd, we urge ICE Director Lucero to not separate this family and leave these children alone to fend for themselves. They need their mom home.

Eloy, AZ, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • I don't care for the way people are being treated in the name of us citizens. It's wrong to criminalize those seeking asylum.
  • Helping out a childhood friend bring her mom out of ICE !!!
  • I met daisy in the hardest times in her life, having to work 2 jobs to maintain her siblings at the age of 20. I've seen her desperately cry over her mom and how hard it has been for her. They deserve to be together.


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