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To: Phoenix ICE Director Albert Carter


This campaign has ended.


Paty is serving 24 hours in Arpaio's infamous Tent City for a DUI this Wednesday- don't transfer her to ICE!

Why is this important?

When President Obama issued his executive order for immigration reform on November 20, 2014, Paty was one of the millions who was eligible for relief through the DAPA program. She is the mother of five US children and six US grandchildren, with a seventh on the way. While DAPA was held up in the courts, the President's Priorities Enforcement Program (PEP) began ripping apart thousands of lives by zeroing in on deporting migrants with misdemeanors such as DUIs.

Paty is a integral figure in the Phoenix community and a pillar of her family. She's been building a life in the US since 1980, when she came here as a teenager. Now Paty's daughter desperately needs her mother by her side as she prepares to give birth to her child any day. Paty's grandchildren need the love and care of their abuela.

Despite this being her first and only arrest, Paty could be deported for a DUI she received after being pulled over by the Phoenix Police Department for a broken tail light. Paty is bravely and responsibly completing requirements for her DUI by turning herself into Arpaio's jail. Help us tell ICE she belongs in her community, not in a detention center. Tearing Paty away from her kids and grandkids doesn't only harm Paty, it destabilizes her entire family.

Watch the video of Paty preparing to go to Tent City here:

Please sign below to stop Paty from being separated from her family and community!


Reasons for signing

  • We live on stolen Indigenous peoples' land from which our immigrant ancestors benefitted. We can't throw out the next generations of immigrants who come here seeking what our ancestors sought - especially when the flimsy excuse to deport a hardworking grandmother is a misdemeanor that'd be easily forgiven if she were documented. The rights to immigrate to safety and opportunity, and not to be forcibly separated from family and community are human rights. Please keep Paty here with her family!
  • Because that we have to fight and help our communities also orientations programs
  • I've known Paty since I was a kid and saw her raise 5 kids all on her own. Everyone makes mistakes. A DUI is easily forgiven to people who are citizens. We can't send people away if the only crime committed is a minor one with a big family at home. - Migz


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