• Wilmer's health and life are in danger. Demand his immediate release and stop his deportation!
    On Monday, March 27th, in a clear escalation from its already dehumanizing and violent tactics, ICE detained Wilmer Catalan Ramirez. At the time of his arrest, Wilmer was recuperating from an armed attack that left half of his body paralyzed and requires him to use a prosthetic leg. When ICE officials arrived at Wilmer’s home they did not identify themselves as ICE, instead calling themselves detectives and pretending to be looking for a suspect named “Rubio”. Wilmer's wife, Celene, asked the agents to leave as her husband was not in any position to see them and asked them to leave as she proceeded to open the door to go inside. As soon as she began to open the door, agents pushed her and made their way into the home at which point they proceeded to apprehend Wilmer. In this process, agents threw Celene on the ground as she was attempting to protect her ailing husband. Wilmer was also thrown into the ground and handcuffed; this exchange left him with a broken arm which was not tended to for several days following his arrest. Wilmer’s arrest, which took place without a warrant or transparent communication on behalf of ICE, is representative of aTrump era for ICE in which detentions are as violent as ever and continue ICE’s tradition of glaring human rights violations. This case is emblematic of ICE’s push to keep our communities in constant fear, without ever following their supposed protocol and aiming to instill panic and terrorize immigrant families. Wilmer has fought his case from within detention, but has been subject to abuse within detention since his arrest, including denial of critical medical care. On May Day, immigrant and Black-led groups filed request for information from the City of Chicago, as start of campaign to expose the role of the gang database in criminalizing and deporting community members. The request was filed on the same day that Wilmer Catalan-Ramirez filed a lawsuit naming the City of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department as responsible for sharing incorrect information with ICE that wrongfully identified Mr. Catalan-Ramirez as a gang member. In May, Wilmer filed a civil rights lawsuit against McHenry County Correctional Facility, Ricardo Wong, ICE’s Chicago Field Office Director, and the City of Chicago for triggering a nightmarish chain of events that left Wilmer imprisoned, in severe physical pain and mental anguish, and fighting his deportation. Since then, however, he has continued to be verbally abused, denied care, and re-injured due to the reckless disregard of detention center staff for his well-being. The situation has escalated to the point where Wilmer is afraid he will die in detention. We must get him out. Wilmer migrated from Guatemala to the United States in 2006 and was deported that same year as result of an ICE raid that took place in his workplace in 2006. Shortly after being deported, Wilmer returned to the United States and has since been living here. Wilmer is a part of a loving family; his three children US citizens and he is the main provider for his household. Please sign on to support Wilmer. He is being punished for standing up for his rights and ICE is attempting to place him in expedited proceedings because of his 2006 deportation. We want him free to heal with the care he needs.
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  • Stop 8 executions in 10 days
    Arkansas has scheduled 8 executions to take place in 10 days this April. There hasn’t been a torrent of executions like this in the last 40 years anywhere in the U.S. Please sign our petition below to ask the Governor of Arkansas to intervene to stop this injustice. Why is Arkansas rushing this life and death matter? The drugs the state acquired to execute expire at the end of the month. No really, that’s the reason. Executions leave a wake of destruction in their path - not the least, corrections officers who will participate in this onslaught of executions. Many individuals who have participated in executions have testified that the experience was traumatic. It’s frightening to imagine what 8 executions in 10 days will do to the Arkansas Department of Corrections staff.
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  • Back to The Roots : Bring Racial Justice Back to Pride
    Every Pride we march to keep alive the spirit of June 1969: trans women of color led patrons of the Stonewall Inn in New York City to resist the routine violence of LGBTQ+-focused police raids. For LGBTQ+ people of color our struggle against police brutality and state violence continues to today. We fight to protect our community from ICE raids, over policing and police brutality, and structural injustice. Last June Phoenix Pride and Mayor Stanton organized a vigil to mourn the victims of the Pulse Massacre in Orlando. They were almost all LGBTQ+ people of color, including many migrants. When it comes to the lives of LGBTQ+ people of color and migrants here in Phoenix, Pride has been silent. As LGBTQ+ people of color who are migrants, undocumented and poor, we face violence and injustice even while we are excluded from the priorities of LGBTQ+ institutions. Here in Phoenix: The Phoenix Department collaborates actively with ICE to persecute migrant communities transferring victims, perpetrators and witnesses of crime alike to ICE custody under the threat of deportation. Mayor Stanton talks tough but has refused to create substantive protections even in the face of Trump’s racist and anti-migrant crusade. Under SB1070 and operation order 4.48, the PPD is already a mass deportation force. PPD ranks nationally in fatal shootings by police. Manifestation law profile and criminalize trans women of color. These realities shape our lives: One of our members, Ricardo Vasquez, is a trans man who has lived in Phoenix for the last 16 years. When he defended his family against a transphobic attack in his home, police arrested him before asking any questions. They transferred him to ICE custody at Eloy Detention Center, where he was sexually assaulted by his cellmate and remained for over a year until he was released.
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  • Mental Health Needs Aren't Deportable: Free Jorge Herrera, DACA Eligible Youth, From Detention
    Jorge Herrera is 21 years old, DACA eligible, and has lived in the US for the past 18 years with his mother Elena. On December 2016, Jorge was arrested by local police after his mother called 911 for help. Jorge suffers from mental health issues and on that day, he was having an episode. His mother believed the police would help her by de-escalating the situation and help her take Jorge to a hospital. Instead the police arrested him and the District Attorney's office threw the book at him. During the trial, Jorge and his mother received no translation services through their ordeal. They were advised to have Jorge plead "guilty" in order to access mental health support services but to this day no services have been provided to the family. He is now detained without bond at the York County Detention Center in Pennsylvania. Jorge has lived almost his entire life in the U.S. and is DACA eligible but ICE would much rather destroy another family than release him to the only place he calls home. Jorge needs mental health support services, not detention. Please sign this petition to ask that Immigration Judge John P. Ellington allow Jorge to be released from the York County Detention Center on bond and that ICE remove him from deportation procedings so that he can be reunited with his mother and to be able to seek the help he needs.
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  • Free Cesar X
    Cesar X is a young Guatemalan gay man who is currently in immigration detention in Virginia. The last 33 months of detention have only worsened his symptoms of PTSD and depression brought on by years of childhood trauma and being labor trafficked in the U.S. La ColectiVA is supporting his fight to be released. Cesar X has a community that wants to welcome him and help him thrive after years of detention. Cesar X needs people to stand with him in fighting for his liberation! On April 11 Cesar X has a hearing before Immigration Judge Rodger Harris. We want Cesar X to be released on his recognizance. Please sign this petition to support the release of Cesar X. La ColectiVA is also raising money in case the Immigration Judge instead decides to release him on bond. For more information on his story or to donate, please go to https://www.youcaring.com/2017freecesarx to donate. Any amount is appreciated! La ColectiVA is a collaborative led by Latinx people in Northern Vriginia #FreeCesarX #LiberarCesarX
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  • Amazon, Drop the Hate- Ban Your Anti-Latinx Costumes
    The Latinx community will not sit idly by as companies like Amazon help to further normalize white supremacy. Attacks on our culture and our families will not be tolerated and we demand that Amazon remove this "costume" from its website immediately.
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  • Stop Noe's Deportation
    Trump's administration, which has avowedly committed itself to the persecution and criminalization of all communities of color, places Noe under threat of deportation. Under the executive actions signed under the current administration, practically all undocumented individuals currently residing in the United States are considered priorities for ICE. This administration's rhetoric not only targets Noe for deportation, but seeks to further criminalize him as an immigrant. Noe, parent of a US-citizen and long-term member and active contributor to his community in Aurora, was placed in deportation proceedings after making a right turn during a red light 3 years ago. Police in Aurora handed Noe over to ICE custody, and as a result was detained in the Dodge Detention Facility for over an year - often times being placed in solitary confinement. It was only through community efforts to pressure ICE that Noe was released from detention in 2014. Since Noe was released he has been rebuilding a relationship with his 5-year-old U.S. citizen daughter and has established a loving home with his U.S. citizen partner and her three children. Under the current climate of ruthless persecution advocated by the current administration, Noe has decided to come out of the shadows and publicly face a system that seeks to uproot him from his community. At his next check-in on April 12, Noe will submit another request for Stay of Removal in order to stay close to his daughter and to be able to continue supporting his family. It is crucial that we are vigilant of Noe's case as we have seen how ICE has taken the opportunity to place individuals in deportation proceedings after attending their routine check-ins. We as a community must continue to seek justice until no more families are torn apart.
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  • Chicago Parents Want this CPS Principal Removed After He Threatened Them with the Police
    I am a parent of three children at Orozco Academy and proud to be have been a mentor and volunteer at the school. On February 7th, at 3 pm I went to the school to address a matter of bullying against my 5 year-old daughter with her teacher. When I arrived, the teacher told me to speak to the principal. Instead of helping, Principal Martinez began yelling at me and accusing me of spreading gossip. I asked for an appointment to meet with the teacher, and the principal demanded that one not be given to me. He threatened to call the police to try to intimidate me and since I had done nothing wrong, I told him to call them. Minutes later, 7 police officers surrounded me in the office in front of my children who are 5, 6, and 11 years old. They told me to get my hands out of my pocket because they thought I had a gun. I told them that I did not have a gun. My son, who is 11, had overheard the Principal tell the police that I had a gun. The police asked me to leave and I thought that the situation had been resolved. The next day I received a letter saying that I was banned from entering the school building. I could only enter with permission from the principal. A couple days later I received a court order to appear in court because the principal, Mr. Martinez, had filed a restraint order against me. I am not a criminal. I have volunteered at the school since my children transferred there 3 years ago. I was a parent mentor for one year giving my time and talents to the school. This situation is not only happening to me. Many parents have come forward to say that the principal has tried to silence them by calling police or threatening them or their children. We don't believe that Principal Martinez is acting professionally or ethically. Many times the Chicago Board of Education has tried to assure immigrant families that our schools are sanctuary and safe spaces. How can our school be a safe space if we are constantly threatened by the principal and if he calls the police on parents? We're calling on the Chicago Board of Education to remove Mr. Martinez from his post immediately. This is an emergency. Please help. Watch the video of our press conference outside Orozco here: https://www.facebook.com/thepilsenalliance/videos/1602069419822688/
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  • Tell Mayor Hector Lora to Defy Trump, Defend Passaic, & Expand Sanctuary
    Every day, migrants fleeing structural violence and poverty travel to North America in search of a better future. They come with valuable skills and contribute to the cultural and economic growth of these cities. Passaic NJ, is one of the many towns whose economy thrives based on its migrant population. With 71% of its residents having a Hispanic background, and 40% born outside of the US, Passaic reflects the diversity of New Jersey, and is particularly affected by anti-immigrant federal policies. We demand a safe town for the thousands of hardworking and honest immigrants and refugees that have made of Passaic their home. We cannot allow federal policy driven by hatred and fear-mongering to harm our neighbors and turn us away from our core values. Immigrant rights are human rights. Cities such as Boston, New York City, Newark, Maplewood, East Orange, Jersey City and many other nation-wide have recognized the important contributions their immigrant populations have made to the prosperity of their region and are taking a stand. We ask local leaders, including the Mayor, Police Chief, and City Council,to add Passaic to the growing list of municipalities who acknowledge the benefits and contribution of migrant people and are standing up human rights. Want to get more involved? Email us at sanctuary.passaic@gmail.com! #sanctuarypassaic Image credit: bradsigal
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  • Healers Rise Up!
    We continue to experience and witness massive coordinated assaults on our dignity, livelihood and wellbeing. This current regime has revealed and escalated its plan to divide, disenfranchise, incarcerate, repatriate, and blatantly, brutally destroy our communities and mother earth. On a daily basis, we are facing hateful violent rhetoric and actions that attempt to strip us of our humanity. These assaults are political, physical, mental, emotional, intentional, and deeply familiar. These assaults are spiritual. Our ancestral lineages have survived centuries of attempted confinement, erasure, and redefinition. We are their continued presence. Our very existence in body, culture, complex identity, and transformation is proof of our continued resistance. We are the legacy of freedom fighters that have shaped and guided our journey to liberation through justice, even in the midst of destruction. We walk in the footsteps of Bwa Kayiman, the Lakota Ghost Dancers, Thích Quảng Đức, Southern Root workers, and all those who have taken up spiritual arms honoring and defending our lives and communities. The triumphs of our resistance are rooted in the spirits and practices that remind us of our sacred humanity, our interconnected strengths and powers that sustain our well being as a whole. We are worthy. We are powerful. We defend our right to exist. We call into action all those who feel the urgency of this moment to spiritually empower and awaken the healers, artists, and freedom fighters in all of us. We honor and call in all of our roles in abolishing all supremacist ideologies. We call each other to create social and healing justice with our gifts, our magic, our medicines, our knowledge, our prayers, our healing, and our rituals and practices. We call into action all those for whom resistance is and has always been a spiritual truth and practice. We commit to honoring and protecting the humanity and dignity of communities most marginalized by systemic attacks of violence, including: Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, (Im)migrants, Muslims, Refugees, Disabled People, Sex Workers, LGBTQIA people and those who have been and are currently incarcerated. We declare a future where all life is supported and nurtured. We declare freedom for our whole being, our families, our communities and the mother earth. For the fight ahead, we need all of our magic and all of our spiritual and ancestral wisdom to guide us, protect us, and sustain us. We are called to participate in this spiritual resistance and call on you to join starting with: • Signing on to this pledge as your commitment to show up for each other and for our communities with your magic, healing practices, and ancestral knowledge. • Joining us in a conference call to discuss how these actions are being integrated into the broader movement. How is this part of a continuum, what has been successful in the past, what are current practices and how do we integrate our actions into our individual and collective practices. • Joining us on future efforts on coordinated days of spiritual action, where we will publicly call on our ancestors and the power of Spirit to fortify us in the days to come starting with Black Lives Matter National Day Radical Sacred Rituals of Resistance April 1st. • Creating actions, collectively or individually, that transmit power, protection and dignity to our communities. #healersriseup #sacredresistance
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  • Fire the Officer Who Shot at Anaheim Students
    On February 22, 2017 an off duty LAPD officer was caught on video grabbing and assaulting a 13 year old - even firing his gun at students. The teen the man held against his will responded to him insulting a woman in the group of students walking after school. https://youtu.be/7tsCp0Khb7s The attack captured on video has spread nationwide, prompting protests by Anaheim residents after Anaheim arrested the students, while the officer faced no consequences for his actions. After a police officer fires a weapon, they are placed on 72 hour leave as an investigation occurs. We demand that the officer not be given his badge and paycheck back. He should be terminated. For More Details See OC Weekly: Off Duty LAPD Cop Fires Gund During After School Melee with Anaheim Teens http://www.ocweekly.com/news/off-duty-lapd-cop-fires-gun-during-after-school-melee-with-anaheim-teens-7918977 Anaheim Teen Involved in Fracas with Gun-Firing LAPD Cop Released; Father Speaks Out http://www.ocweekly.com/news/anaheim-teen-involved-in-fracas-with-gun-firing-lapd-cop-released-father-speaks-out-7919332
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  • Tell Mayor Holly Sierra to Defy Trump, Defend Buellton, & Expand Sanctuary
    Donald Trump just announced executive action that threatens any city that seeks to protect immigrant residents from his deportation machine. What he’s trying to do is roll back the leaps forward we’ve made in recent years but we won’t let him. In 2017, it’s the efforts to defend Black lives and protect migrant rights that make our cities safer, not Trump’s extra enforcement promises. To keep us safe, we need to evolve our local policies to make our cities real sanctuaries for all residents, not cancel them because of the illegitimate President's latest actions. That means a commitment to separating police from federal immigration enforcement AND addressing the policing that funnels Black and other residents to jail and places criminal charges on immigrant residents, making them a target for ICE agents. Tell our mayor and city council to stand up to Trump and take action that doesn't just symbolically defend immigrants, but transforms our city's policies to stop targeting us for imprisonment, risk of removal, and state violence at the hands of police and aggressive immigration agents. The illegitimate President's threats should be cause to embolden our city leaders, not an excuse to abandon our potential progress.
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