• Stop requiring driver licenses from students to receive a parking permit !
    PXU serves a majority of Latinx brown youth who already face the struggle against immigration policies that affect them and their families. Yet, many youth still continue to fight for a better tomorrow through their education. Many of those young people are also responsible for taking their siblings to school. Therefore, by requiring driver's licenses the district is not only stopping their students from attending school but many times their siblings as well. At Puente, we envision a world where all people have the right to a good quality of life and are treated with dignity. We also believe schools are a place of transformation, where we can begin to experience change. We are asking students to join us and asking the district to: - Parking should be open to all students that need it. - Stop requiring driver licenses from students to receive a parking permit. - Stop collecting information that can identify potential immigration status information. - End policing culture and practices that create obstacles for students to access their education.
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    FIRST AND FOREMOST, La Resistencia demands the immediate release of Jose and everyone else detained. From the food, water, and air, the overall treatment of people detained in the NWDC is unacceptable and continues to violate human rights every day. SECOND, demand an end to the criminalization and deportation of Jose. Given the dangerous situation that continues to develop in El Salvador, Jose is unfortunately at high risk of being targeted based on his appearance. Deporting him would continue reinforcing a system of violence and oppression towards marginalized communities. Support Jose by signing the petition—together we will fight for everyone's release!
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    Rudy currently has a lawyer who is fighting his deportation. He cannot be deported to El Salvador because “suspected gang members” with tattoos have been sent to jail and even tortured. Human rights watch expresses “In March 2022, the National Assembly declared a state of emergency and suspended basic rights in response to gang violence. Authorities committed widespread human rights violations, including mass arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances, ill-treatment in detention, and due process violations.” Because of Rudy’s past forced affiliation with gangs and the fact tattoos are considered as an indication of gang affiliation in El Salvador, deporting Rudy would be a death sentence. La Resistencia demands the release of Rudy and all those detained at the Northwest Detention Center. Rudy and everyone else detained are human beings who deserve to be respected and protected, and not be subjected to inhumane conditions inside the detention center. Rudy shouldn't continue to be criminalized for a crime he was coerced into due to the pervasive gang violence in El Salvador. Deporting him with the current system would be complicit in the ongoing systemic human rights abuses occurring in El Salvador. We should not permit Rudy to be deported by a system that marginalizes, strips people of their humanity, and labels them as criminals, he has a right to be free and be with his family. Please sign this petition to show your support for Rudy, and ask for him not to be deported and instead be released.
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  • ‘Ta Caliente 🥵: Battling Climate Change, Ignorant Leaders, and Heat Waves in Texas
    Climate change is making its debut in Texas this summer, and it's coming in the form of excessive heat and tropical-level humidity. This environmental issue is beginning to pose a threat to public health. Texas leaders like Governor Greg Abbott, Senator Ted Cruz, and Senator John Cornyn are not only denying the existence of climate change, but making the issue worse by continuing to invest in and promote our fossil fuel-dependent economy and by refusing to support legislature that could curb the consequences of climate change. The consequences of this ignorance have been fatal. We know that Black, Indigenous, Latinx and other vulnerable communities will be the ones to suffer from this law the most, and we're already seeing it. In less than 3 weeks, 10 people have died in Laredo, TX due to heat-related illnesses, most, if not all, who were Latinx and elderly. In another case, a Black Texas postal worker died from the heat last month while on the job. These are just a few of the many fatal cases we’ve seen this Summer amid BIPOC Texans. By signing this petition, you are standing up against careless leaders like Abbot who refuse to acknowledge the severity of rising temperatures and extreme heat waves that threaten our communities, health, and environment. Let's protect our comunidad and secure a cooler future for generations to come. 🌍
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  • End the Detention Death Tax
    US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) currently has no defined limit on the amount of money it will spend to cage the body of a person in removal proceedings. When one of ICE’s deadly cages claim the life from that body, the limit ICE will spend to return them to their loved ones is $0. This Death Tax presents grieving family members with a bill alongside the devastating news that their loved one is gone forever. Forcing families to pay for the retrieval and transportation of loved ones is cruel, inhumane, and unnecessary.
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    We need to empty the NWDC! We cannot and will not wait for the contract to end in 2025. No one should be locked up in a detention center. The NWDC is not a safe place for anyone, it is impossible to social distance, guards often do not wear masks or gloves and there is no contact tracing for ICE employees coming in and out of the facility. As long as he is detained Chad’s health and safety are at risk. Tell ICE to release Chad immediately and fight his deportation! ------------------------------------------------------------------ ¡Necesitamos vaciar el NWDC! No podemos ni esperaremos a que el contrato finalice en 2025. Nadie debe ser encerrado en un centro de detención. El NWDC no es un lugar seguro para nadie, es imposible la distancia social, los guardias a menudo no usan máscaras o guantes y no hay rastreo de contactos para los empleados de ICE que entran y salen de las instalaciones. Mientras esté detenido, la salud y la seguridad de Chad están en peligro. ¡Dígale a ICE que libere a Chad inmediatamente y que luche contra su deportación!
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  • Stop Ivan's deportation to Mexico!
    Ivan should not sent to Mexico to die. There have been too many of these cases already, we must demand ICE and the Mexican Consulate in Seattle stop Ivan's deportation! The Mexican government must stop colluding with ICE in deporting gravely ill people! Ivan should be released immediately so he can receive proper medical care. Free Ivan! Free them all!
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  • URGENT! ICE must allow father to reunite with Morris County Family
    Edwin could be deported as soon as Monday, your support is urgently needed to keep him home with his family. Edwin podría ser deportado tan pronto como el lunes, su apoyo es urgente para mantenerlo en casa con su familia.
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    Created by Jennifer G.
    First and foremost, no one deserves to be removed from their home and sent to a country where they will likely die. Second, Ronald is a father, son, and brother. His family needs him alive and free. Third, Ronald is suffering from unjust conditions in the Tacoma Northwest Detention Center. No one should have to experience these conditions, especially during a pandemic. Ronald cannot be deported to El Salvador, or detained in a detention center. Free Ronald!
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  • ICE Must Release This Father and Refugee from Detention NOW
    It is critical that Alex be released to his community. It would be inhumane and incomprehensible if he was deported back to the country he was forced to leave due to torture after the Civil War in Sierra Leone.
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  • Demand the Release of U.S. Citizen Detained at Stewart Detention Center. SIGN THE PETITION.
    We demand that ICE follow its own procedures for investigating and release Jose. Jose’s family and community will be closely monitoring Jose’s case to ensure that ICE follows its own procedures.
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  • You Can Get This Dad Out of ICE Detention and Bring Him Home for the Holidays
    Patrick, a 37-year old Black Muslim Haitian man, has faced retaliation from ICE for speaking out against his prolonged detention and systemic abuse at Bergen County Jail. DHS’s Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (CRCL) is investigating Patrick’s allegations, but ICE continues to imprison him at LaSalle Processing Center while his family suffers without him. •Patrick is the only father figure in the lives of his three children. They live with the constant pain of his absence and fear that their father may be sent to Haiti, where his life would be in danger. •Patrick's wife, Laura, has been working tirelessly to support the family. Patrick would love nothing more than to come home so he can give her a break from all the long hours, and help her provide the best life possible for their children. He even has a job offer lined up upon release. Please help bring Patrick home for the holidays -- and for good! Sign the petition and spread the word. Every single voice counts. COMMUNITY PRESSURE WORKS ICE already tried to deport Patrick. Twice. Community pressure led them to ground the plane that was supposed to take him to Haiti. Twice. Now, we need to get Patrick home to ensure that ICE doesn’t deport Patrick, and that the systemic abuse perpetrated by ICE and BCJ are properly investigated. ICE must release Patrick immediately.
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