• Release Santos from NWDC!
    Since before arriving at NWDC, Santos has had several serious medical complications and chronic pain related to a past stroke that lead to Gout. These severe health conditions require careful medical attention and additional precautions such as social isolation to ensure that he does not contract COVID-19 in his compromised state. With the increasing risks due to COVID-19, Santos is now at an even higher risk of becoming more ill. His family is in deep fear for his health and is calling on our community to pressure ICE and have Santos released immediately. Santos life is put at risk every day he stays inside NWDC! Sign this petition to release Santos now! Desde antes que llegó al NWDC, Santos ha tenido varias complicaciones médicas serias y dolor crónico relacionado con un accidente cerebrovascular pasado que produjo la gota, todos los que no han sido tratados durante su tiempo en NWDC. Estas condiciones médicas graves requieren atención médica adecuada que él no está recibiendo actualmente. Con riesgos crecientes por COVID-19, Santos actualmente tiene un riesgo aún mayor de enfermar más. Su familia tiene miedo profundo por su salud y llama a nuestra comunidad a presionar a ICE a liberar a Santos inmediatamente. ¡La vida de Santos se pone en riesgo cada día que él se queda dentro de NWDC! ¡Firme esta petición a liberar a Santos ahora! Hear from his family: https://www.instagram.com/p/CC1-q22pQBK/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Santos #FreeThemAll post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CC0_mEBJ_YW/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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  • Tell Blackrock to divest from the deportation machine!
    Over the past few years, BlackRock has increased the public attention it gives to sustainability, climate change, and ethical investment principles. However, BlackRock’s direct investment in Palantir betrays such principles. BlackRock is a direct investor in Palantir -- a data analytics company that provides technology to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to help identify, track, and target immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers for detention and deportation. BlackRock’s financing of Palantir and similar companies enables the Trump Administration’s ongoing war against immigrants -- particularly Black and Brown communities -- and potentially facilitates gross human rights violations. It's up to you to hold BlackRock accountable.
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  • CVS: Stop Blocking Access to COVID-19 Testing for Black & Brown Communities
    CVS -- one of the nation’s largest retail chain of pharmacies -- is making it impossible for the hardest-hit communities during the COVID-19 pandemic to access their testing operations. The company is not only requiring proof of in-state residence, drivers license or social security number to get COVID-19 testing, but even going so far as refuse service to Spanish-speaking and/or undocumented members of the community at some of its locations in North Carolina. This is unacceptable. CVS has publicly claimed that their testing sites are focused on the most “underserved and vulnerable communities.” Yet, Black and Brown, undocumented, poor and working-class populations -- who are concentrated in the frontlines of the “essential” workforce -- are facing barriers to receiving COVID-19 testing there. Millions of Americans do not have a government-issued ID, particularly U.S. born and immigrant Black and Brown communities. In addition to undocumented immigrants who do not have access to drivers licenses in states like North Carolina, over 21 million U.S. citizens do not have government-issued ID. These identifications can be costly and difficult to obtain, representing a significant block for low-income communities. According to a 2006 report, up to 25% of Black people over 18 years old lack government-issued photo ID, compared to only 8% of whites. Requirements to obtain an ID have only become more stringent since then. CVS has the power to change its policy. According to NC state health officials, reporting on COVID-19 testing “is unrelated to residency or nationality.” That means that the company has taken it upon itself to require residency and an ID from the people it seeks to serve. We are only as safe as the most vulnerable among us. Tell Larry Merlo, President and CEO of CVS Health, to remove this discriminatory policy and stop blocking access to COVID-19 testing for Black and Brown communities at all the CVS testing sites.
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  • Justice for Bernardo Palacios Carbajal
    Bernardo Palacios Carbajal, 22, was shot in the back over 30 times while he was fleeing from police officers moments after yelling his last words “Officer, I don’t want to die!”  Seconds later officers proceeded to shoot him after he was dying on the ground. Instead of offering medical assistance after shooting him, officers yelled for him to “Show us your fucking hands!” Then his body was desecrated by having all his fingers shot causing some of them to become partially disconnected from his hands. We DEMAND justice for Bernardo.  The lack of meaningful action from the District Attorney's Office and Salt Lake City's Mayor, reveals an implicit backing of SLCPD's killer cops. Until all these demands are met, justice for Bernardo will not be served.  Until there is deliverance of Justice for Bernardo, and all peoples brutalized and killed by the police force, there can be no peace.
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  • Massachusetts! Honor the Dead by Protecting the Living and Stabilizing our Communities
    Black and Latinx people are on the frontlines of the pandemic. The rate of infection of COVID-19 has spiked over the last few weeks. The United States is the recipient of the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the world - with Latinx communities disproportionately holding the highest number of COVID-19 related deaths across the country. For months, biologists, infectious disease researchers, scientists, doctors, and advocates have warned the Trump administration that this is just the beginning. The U.S. is vulnerable to a potential second wave of cases, yet Congress refuses to take responsibility. Trump has ceded responsibility of the pandemic to state governors - giving them absolute power on when and how to reopen their economies. The ball is in their court now. But Governors have followed the Trump administration’s pattern of not prioritizing our communities' needs for relief. More and more states are reopening with few or no restrictions. Tell our governor that efforts to open the economy without adequate protections and without proper relief for frontline workers reveal a willingness to let Black and Latinx communities and poor people die in exchange for the economic gain of a privileged class. Our communities need relief not re-opening.
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  • Tell USCIS to Expedite Beto’s DACA Before ICE Orders his Immediate Removal from the Country
    As the Supreme Court gets closer to issuing a decision on DACA, Jesus “Beto” Lopez Gutierrez is running against time to get his DACA renewed before ICE orders his removal from the country. As you might remember, after 9 months of organizing and with the overwhelming support of Beto’s community, he was released from ICE detention at the end of February. Shortly after his release, Beto filed his application with USCIS to renew his DACA on March 6, 2020 and is now waiting on a decision. Unfortunately, Beto’s release did not end his deportation case. Now, he’s running out of time and options to stay in the country with his family. The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) dismissed Beto’s appeal to the Order of Deportation that was issued against him by Immigration Judge Morrissey in Omaha, Nebraska last year. In response to this action by the BIA, Beto’s legal team is filing a second appeal to a higher Court. What this all means is that while the Immigration Courts are reviewing Beto’s second appeal he can remain in the country, but as soon as we get a response from the 8th Circuit he can be removed immediately by ICE. This response could arrive at the beginning of June. Another reason Beto is running out of time is connected to the Supreme Court decision on DACA. According to USCIS officials, the processing of Beto’s DACA can take up to several months due to the COVID-19 pandemic interrupting business as usual. This may delay the process further given that USCIS service centers are temporarily closed and their employees are working remotely. If the Supreme Court decides to end DACA before Beto gets a response from USCIS, it may mean that he won’t have any type of protection from deportation. Beto is just one example of the hundreds of DACA recipients that are at risk of deportation if DACA is rescinded by the U.S. Supreme Court. His case also highlights how DACA is not just a work permit but a protection from the rogue deportation machine that profits from the criminalization and suffering of immigrant families. It is important to continue advocating for DACA as well as uplifting the cases of people like Beto who are in a crossroads between agencies and running out of options to stay in the country with his family.
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  • COVID19 outbreak at Pulaski County Detention Center
    The new coronavirus is taking many people's lives and it is important that we are aware of how serous this situation is. El nuevo coronavirus se esta llevando la vida de muchas personas y es importante que sepamos que tan seria la situación es.
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  • Vote for a real Democrat, not former "Strong Republican" Frank Aguilar!
    While Frank Aguilar's recent voting record shows that in 2018 he voted Democrat, that does not erase a voting record of over 14 years of being identified as a “Strong Republican” nor does it erase his ongoing support of Trump allies like Bill Conway, Tom Ricketts, and Dan Lipinski. We cannot allow our Democratic committee members to elect someone like Aguilar into office. We are deeply concerned with Frank Aguilar's track record of supporting candidates for office whose interests do not align with the well-being and needs of our community. Aguilar supports: • Deep-pocket Trump donors, including Cubs owner Tom Ricketts, who has donated over $1M to support Donald Trump’s candidacy • Dan Lipinski, former Illinois congressman who voted against the Dream Act and called Trump a “champion of immigration reform” • Bill Conway, former candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney whose campaign was funded by Trump supporters and his billionaire father, cofounder of the Carlyle Group that profits off of war and immigrant detention On April 15th, 8 Democratic committee members will be voting on a replacement for Jeff Tobolski, who recently resigned as 16th District Commissioner due to FBI investigations. The 16th District is comprised of Berwyn, Cicero, Franklin Park, Mc Cook, Hodgekins, Lyons, Summit, Countryside, La Grange Park, La Grange, Northlake, Westchester, Stone Park, Berkley, Broadview, Hillside, Melrose Park, Maywood, Brookfield, Riverside, North Riverside, Forest View, Stickney, and Chicago. Berwyn and Cicero residents: These two committee members carry 42% of the voting power! • Mayor Robert Lovero (Berwyn) with a 22% weighted vote • Blanca Vargas (Cicero) with a 20% weighted vote Help Stop Aguilar! 1. Sign and share the petition. 2. Then call Lovero and Vargas TODAY! Urge them to vote NO to Aguilar! Ensure they vote for the candidate that would best represent our community. BERWYN Residents: Call Democratic committeeman Mayor Robert J. Lovero 708-484-8630 CICERO Residents: Call Democratic committeewoman Blanca Vargas 708-207-1704 ******************************ESPAÑOL**************************** ¿Por qué demócratas votarían por un ex-republicano para ocupar un puesto vacante para el Comisionado del Condado de Cook de el Distrito 16? Colectivo Rizoma urge a los votantes a contactar a Lovero y Vargas y decirles que no apoyen a Frank Aguilar. Aunque el registro de votación de Frank Aguilar muestra que en 2018 votó demócrata, eso no borra un registro de votación de más de 14 años de ser identificado como un "Republicano fuerte" ni borra su apoyo a los aliados de Trump como Bill Conway, Tom Ricketts y Dan Lipinski. No podemos permitir que los miembros de nuestro comité demócrata elijan a alguien como Aguilar para el cargo. Estamos profundamente preocupados por el historial de Frank Aguilar de apoyar a candidatos para cargos públicos cuyos intereses no se alinean con el bienestar y las necesidades de nuestra comunidad. Aguilar apoya: • Donantes de Trump, incluido el propietario de los Cachorros, Tom Ricketts, quien ha donado más de $ 1 millón para apoyar la candidatura de Donald Trump, • Dan Lipinski, ex congresista de Illinois que votó en contra de la Ley Dream Act y llamó a Trump un "defensor de la reforma migratoria" • Bill Conway , ex candidato a Fiscal del Estado del Condado de Cook, cuya campaña fue financiada por los partidarios de Trump y su padre multimillonario, cofundador del Grupo Carlyle que se beneficia de la guerra y la detención de inmigrantes. ¡ Ayuda a detener a Aguilar! 1. Firma y comparte la petición. 2. ¡Llama a Lovero y Vargas HOY! ¡Urgelos a NO votar por Aguilar! Asegúrese de que voten por el candidato que mejor represente a nuestra comunidad. Residentes de BERWYN: Llame a Alcalde Robert J. Lovero 708-484-8630 Residentes de CICERO: Llame a Blanca Vargas 708-207-1704
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  • #TODOSMPLS: Minneapolis residents left behind need at least 3.5 to 5 million dollars!
    For this fund to reach the needed communities, it requires prioritization for those who have not been able to access federal and state social safety networks for any reason; as little bureaucracy as possible; and community-based outreach in partnership with community organizations. Our communities are clear: this is the time to be bold, brave and powerful together. We are calling in Minneapolis to invest NOW in the community that represents the backbone of our local economies.
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  • Universal Pass for Grades (2nd semester)
    SHARE AND READ HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ Hello PUHSD Students!! as the schools are closing and we begin to transition, I am starting to notice that many of my fellow classmates do not have internet not access to a phone or laptop. My fight as an activist is to implicate/ advocate fairness within our schools and government. Today I am bringing in an idea of a Universal Pass system that yale students have brought to their campus. Essentially this pass would be a “P” grade on our transcript with no effect on our Gpa and we will still get our credit. This is due to Covid-19 and the struggles that have been out of our hands. This will not only help students keep their positions in class, such as valedictorian, and salutatorian for the class of 2020. For the underclass men if you didn’t know their will be no titles for us, so this won’t really affect us. It has already sadden us to not be able to go to school and be apart of the activities and social environment, and it has sadden us much more now that prom is cancelled for multiple schools in the District and most likely graduation (not confirmed). As a junior at central high school, I take into account that many students do not have access to internet, i also understand that many students would prefer this system in place so that we do not have to give up our summer, some students rely on summer for programs, work, college tours, etc. and I to have been accepted to a couple programs for the summer so I see the importance of having this system for our own sake. For the students that are relying on this semester to boost your GPA, maybe we can work together to build a slightly more difficult system that would essentially make grades “f” and “d” a “P”. This has been a very difficult time for students this past week and we understand that this may be difficult, but if #thisiswhoweare then take your students into your thoughts!!! Don’t force us to Fill up schools in the summer!!!
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  • Don't Reward Martin Selig for renting to ICE
    To: The Seattle Jewish Film Festival, We come to you in the spirit of tikkun olam, healing the world, to ask you to rescind the REAL Difference Award to Seattle billionaire developer Martin Selig because Selig continues to rent offices to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Your plan to honor Selig at your opening night gala as an agent of “arts, philanthropy, and change” ignores the fact that Selig is also an agent of injustice who causes harm to our communities by renting to ICE. Last summer, a group of us Jewish activists, immigrants, and allies spoke to Selig in front of his downtown building during a Jewish-led protest for migrant justice. A Jewish activist from Never Again-Seattle asked Selig, who fled Nazi Germany with his family in 1939, how he and his company could profit from ICE terrorizing today’s immigrants. Selig didn't answer and walked away from the interaction, but we stayed to protest how ICE detains, cages, and deports tens of thousands of people seeking refuge in the US every year. ICE separates children from their families and deprives migrants of adequate food, water, and basic sanitation. At least seven people have died in ICE custody just since October. Countless other immigrants have died after being deported back to their countries of origin. As Jews, our people know all too well what it is to be sent back to a place where we face near-certain death. The images we see of migrants inside wire cage fences or being hauled away on buses while their children cry out are hauntingly familiar to many of us Jews who know what happens when a government targets, dehumanizes and strips an entire group of people of their civil and human rights. Each generation of Jews has passed down the phrase “never again” because we have a responsibility never again to allow anyone to experience the persecution that our ancestors experienced in the pogroms and the Nazi Holocaust. As Jews and allies in this community, we ask you to consider this history, the brutal impact that ICE has on immigrants; we ask you not to reward Martin Selig for renting to ICE. Ironically, this same weekend over Shabbat on March 20-21st, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) is asking the American Jewish community “to dedicate sacred time and space to refugees and asylum seekers.” In fact, these “refugee shabbats” are taking place all around the world, including Seattle. You can use your position to make such a dedication. We are asking you to put the well being of some of our community’s most vulnerable people -- people seeking safety and basic human rights for themselves and their families, just like our people have sought -- ahead of any discomfort you may feel about having a difficult conversation with a wealthy and powerful donor. You have the power to rescind this award, stand up for refugees and asylum seekers, and say “never again” to the terror of ICE. L’Shalom, Seattle Never Again Network
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  • Ethnic Studies in the Phoenix Union High School District
    Having the option of learning history in a different perspective instead of the “European” perspective allows students to be given the opportunity to learn about their culture or another culture instead of their own. This brings inclusive learning on campuses and it also gets students more interested in their academics if it pertains to their choice in their courses.
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