• Latinx Representatives - Stand Strong Against ICE and Trump’s Wall!
    Members of Congress who are at the table of negotiations to present to President Trump are paying attention to where the Congressional Hispanic Caucus stands. As Latinx communities who are represented by them in Washington D.C., we must let them know that they should not negotiate away our rights -- or the rights of any member of our community -- in our name. We all bore witness and directly experienced the ways in which this manufactured emergency has pitted average Americans against each other - from those living paycheck to paycheck to those who are living in fear of detention and deportation. Families and entire communities suffered while the Trump administration blamed the shutdown on migrants and the supposed border crisis. We call on the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to reject any negotiations that are premised on the insidious falsehood promulgated by President Trump that the American people are willing to put our values, our livelihoods, and our democracy at stake under his threats.
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  • Join DMSC to tell ICE: Release the El Paso Hunger Strikers
    On December 27th, Sikh asylum seekers started a hunger strike to protest the discrimination, verbal abuse, lack of language access, and prolonged detention they have faced at the hands of ICE. The hunger strikers were joined shortly after by more Sikh and Cuban asylum seekers who have faced similar discrimination and lengthy detention. ICE has taken the extreme step of force-feeding nine hunger strikers through plastic nasal tubes, a painful and inhumane process. When asked if those being force-fed were being treated well by medical staff, one man simply responded: "they don't care". ICE has a history of cruelty and discrimination. This is only one of several hunger strikes happening across the country, which speaks to a pervasive problem with this government institution. While immediate relief for all hunger strikers is key, the only acceptable permanent solution is for the government to abolish the immigrant detention system, cease the criminalization of migrants, and provide safe and fair opportunities for immigration. Asylum-seekers should not have to endanger their own health and expose themselves to retaliation from ICE in order to make progress in their cases. We call on civil society to ask that ICE stop torturing asylum seekers and instead do the work of considering their claims in a legal hearing.
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  • #FreeJuliet
    Baby Juliet was separated from her dad on December 28th after crossing the border at Calexico, and has been in detention ever since. The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), charged with processing immigrant and refugee minors, refuses to release her from an undisclosed shelter in San Antonio, Texas. Juliet was ripped from her father's arms six months after the Trump administration signed an executive order to end the family separation policy, and a federal judge ordered for children to be reunited. The total number of children separated from a parent or guardian is unknown, according to a January 2019 report from the U.S. Office of the Attorney General. Baby Juliet is now among the countless children who have been separated from their families for no other reason than the current administration’s extremist agenda to criminalize and punish migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. We cannot be silent as this administration continues inflicting violence and terror on communities seeking refuge in the United States. We demand that the U.S. Government stop separating families once and for all! #FreeJuliet #FreeOurFuture
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  • Pass the Ordinance to Stop the Sheriff from Reactivating the Cook County Gang Database
    In December of 2018, Commissioner Alma Anaya introduced an ordinance to protect the rights of Cook County residents by prohibiting the use of the county's gang database until the completion of the Inspector General's investigation into the use and impact of the database. In January, the Cook County Sheriff's office announced it decommissioned the Regional Gang Intelligence Database (RGID) but failed to answer questions of how the information was handled since the inception of the database. If passed, ordinance #19-0687 would: (a) Prohibit the Sheriff from recommissioning RGID (b) Stop the Sheriff's office from adding new information to RGID (c) Stop the office of the Sheriff from sharing information previously kept in the RGID system (d) Set up public hearings to review how RGID has been used in the past In Cook County, the sheriff's department has managed this database of at least 25,000 people since the early 2000s. According to a ProPublica investigation, the list includes “hundreds whose gangs aren’t known and hundreds who are dead.” Authorities from 371 different agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, which includes Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have access to the data, and could potentially use it to target individuals. The inclusion of a person's name on the database can adversely affect employment, housing, bail/bond and parole decisions, and lead to false arrest, deportation, citizenship, and other life devastating consequences. Individuals are never notified when their names have been placed in the database and therefore never have an opportunity to challenge the charges or provide evidence in their defense. The lack of notification, judicial process, or opportunity for self-defense and review, create an environment ripe for civil rights violations and abuse of power. Join us in asking the Cook County Board of Commissioners to hold Tom Dart, Cook County Sheriff, accountable by passing Ordinance #19-0687 at the next Criminal Justice committee meeting on February 20, 2019. Read the Ordinance #19-0687 here: https://cook-county.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=3775860&GUID=49C64AF7-4FDB-4F89-B53F-80214E7E68C7&Options=&Search=&FullText=1
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  • Tell Santa Ana Council: Don’t Destroy Police Misconduct Records!
    Santa Ana Police Chief, David Valentin requested the Santa Ana City Council to give the Police Department permission to destroy eight boxes of police records related to officers’ use of force, in-custody injuries, and employee misconduct. This request to the Council comes in response to a new state law that gives the public access to police records after years of secrecy. Chief Valentin made this request at the January 15th city council meeting before it was pulled from the meeting’s agenda. Based on other departments’ attempts to destroy their records across the state, we can expect the issue to return before the city council. Santa Ana residents have a right to know the full scope of police misconduct within their communities. Destroying these records decreases transparency, undermines accountability of local government, and harms public safety. We have the fundamental right to know how police use -- and abuse -- their powers. Join us in demanding that the City Council uphold accountability and transparency, by voting to preserve police misconduct and brutality records!
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  • Sign Now: End Police Brutality, Fire Killers of Teen Antonio Arce!
    Silvia retweeted a headline that said, ‘Doing nothing is not acceptable’. She has continued to be silent on the murder of Antonio Arce. Police continue to murder us, just within the first 16 days of 2019, there have been four shootings involving law-enforcement officers in Maricopa County. In each case, the person shot by an officer was a teenager. We can not allow for more police to continue to murder and criminalize our communities. We must start by fighting for justice for Antonio Arce and make sure no more deaths happen at the violent hands of Police. "If they want to tarnish my son, they are wrong. Apart from the fact that they killed him, they want to destroy him. No. I won't allow it; I want justice," the teen's mother, Sandra Gonzalez
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  • Tell Amazon: Stop Powering ICE!
    New research shows that Amazon is helping ICE track, detain, and deport immigrants -- in a big way. We've known that Amazon's servers host Palantir, the company that provides ICE with “mission-critical services,” such as its case management software, and we've been pressuring Amazon to drop Palantir. But it turns out Amazon's role in the deportation machine goes deeper than that. Through intense lobbying of policymakers and law enforcement officials, Amazon and Palantir have secured a role as the backbone for the federal government’s immigration and law enforcement dragnet, allowing them to pursue multi-billion dollar government contracts in various agencies at every single level of law enforcement. These systems are new, and dangerous in new ways. They are accumulating unprecedented amounts of data (everything from facial scans to social media content), and exchanging information among city, state, and regional law enforcement systems, as well as some foreign governments, for the purpose of finding, deporting, and detaining immigrants. DHS and many other law enforcement agencies are spending billions of taxpayer dollars on these tech systems -- and Amazon, Palantir and other tech companies are pushing them to go further. It's time to hold Amazon accountable for its outsized share in building the deportation machine, and demand that they stop. It won't be easy -- Amazon makes billions from these contracts. But the company also depends on consumers -- including millions of Latinx people -- and has to worry about protecting its brand. Recently, the company was forced to raise its minimum wage to $15/hour, which wouldn't have happened without a major campaign demanding it. We can force Amazon to stop helping DHS and ICE target immigrants, if enough of us call them out, stay engaged, and keep the pressure on.
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  • Demand Phil Bacerra Drop Out of Santa Ana Council Race; Abusers Should Not Serve on City Council
    In light of Griselda Govea's call for accountability, we demand that Phil Bacerra drop out of the city council race for Ward 4 in Santa Ana; immediately stop all campaigning; and return all campaign contributions received and spent. In a recent Facebook post Griselda detailed the regular verbal, emotional, and physical abuse that she endured while dating Phil over a period of four years, and called on voters to exercise accountability with their vote this November. There should not be room for abusive people in our politics, nor in our council chambers. Demand that Phil Bacerra drop out of the race and end his campaign by signing this petition. In Griselda's own words: 'Prevent another abuser from getting his hands on our city. Haven’t we gone through enough? Perhaps Phil is right, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. We’re done electing abusers around these neck of the woods. End it before it begins.' See Griselda's full post Here: https://www.facebook.com/griselda.desantos/posts/10212646145776614
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  • Stop the Peppermentiras- Drop the Film for its Latino-Bashing Plot
    "Nearly everything in 'Peppermint' comes back to how immigrants – specifically Latino immigrants – are destroying the country." Kristin Lopez, Remezcla At LatinoJustice we fight the stereotyping and criminalization of our community every day, and films like Peppermint only serve to endanger our communities and make our work that much more difficult. This film pours gasoline on the anti-Latino fire already raging throughout our nation, thanks in no small part to the Trump administration’s harmful policy agenda and the President’s own constant output of disparaging remarks. At a time when hate crimes have been on the rise in America’s largest cities and a majority of Latinxs report feeling less safe since Trump was elected, Peppermint is only reinforcing these dangerous stereotypes and making our communities less safe. That is why we invite you to join us in sending Peppermint to the dustbin of a Redbox rental somewhere at the bottom of the ocean by calling out this film for what it is- a racist pile of garbage, and demanding its producers pull it from theaters immediately.
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  • Stop transfer of immigrants in ICE custody to federal prisons
    On June 8, 2018 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced the transfer of approximately 1,600 people detained under their custody in immigrant detention centers to federal prisons operated by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). These transfers affected prisons in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and Texas with ICE officials stating that the transfers were to last up to 120 days. These transfers effectively served as a way for ICE to increase its detention capacity by close to 4% overnight without any oversight or prior notice. In doing this, ICE circumvented the existing channels for detention expansion, instead making use of another agency’s resources to carry out its work. These massive transfers have been disastrous for those detained as these BOP facilities have provided them with even less access to legal representation and pastoral care and have not failed to ensure those detained have communication with their loved ones. At the same time, the transfers have also signaled worsening conditions for workers inside the prisons which has had an impact on those detained as well. Given the hiring freeze within the Department of Justice (which oversees BOP), these facilities have turned to the practice of ‘augmentation’, forcing civilian prison workers (teachers, nurses, cooks, etc.) to take on the duties of guards. The combination of a lack of proper staffing and the abusive conditions detained immigrants are subjected to have resulted in cases like Victorville, where an outbreak of chickenpox and scabies took place that was exacerbated by the lack of proper medical staff to address the issues. Along with this, there are reports of Sikh men being held at the Sheridan Prison, having their turbans confiscated and being forced to purchase beanies as a replacement for their religious garb. These two salient examples are just some of many instances that prove that these overnight transfers have only resulted in those detained being subjected to mounting human rights abuses as BOP takes on the work and resulting liability from performing ICE’s work for them.
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  • The Purple Pig: Sexual Harassment Stinks! El Acoso Sexual Apesta!
    A CTU member who worked at this award-winning restaurant on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile filed a sexual harassment complaint with the EEOC. During his time working at The Purple Pig, this former worker’s complaints to management were met with dismissal and even laughter. Workplace sexual harassment points to a power imbalance between employers and employees, especially when power is exercised over workers through income inequality. All workers have rights, and we urge you to join us in defending workers’ right to dignity, respect, and a safe workplace. // Un miembro de CTU que trabajó en este restaurante popular en la Milla Magnífica de Chicago presentó una denuncia de acoso sexual ante la EEOC. Durante su tiempo trabajando en Purple Pig, las quejas de este ex-trabajador con los encargados fueron respuestas con ignorancia e incluso risas. El acoso sexual en el lugar de trabajo apunta a una desigualdad de poder entre empleadores y trabajadores, especialmente cuando se ejerce el poder sobre los trabajadores a través de la desigualdad de ingresos. Todos los trabajadores tienen derechos, y lo invitamos a unirse a nosotros para defender el derecho de los trabajadores a dignidad, respeto y un lugar de trabajo seguro. // #WhatAPig #MeToo #YoTambien
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  • Save the Cardona/Dunoyer family from deportation
    For 17 years the Cardona/Dunoyer family have lived in the United States after fleeing from their home country due to threats from Columbian guerilla groups. As of March 2017, Consuelo Cardona, Roberto Dunoyer, along with their sons Pablo (age 19), and Camilo (age 16) became the beneficiaries of a private immigration bill, HR 1490. It remains pending as of today. The family has no criminal record. Camilo Dunoyer recently graduated high school and is attending community college in San Diego. Pablo Dunoyer is scheduled to graduate college with his Associate's Degree and has been accepted to the University of San Diego to continue his education. If they are deported they will lose everything that they have worked hard for and their lives will be at risk.
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